Chrome car rims-status symbol


Chrome car rims are not merely an aid to keep a tire on a car any longer, they are frequently made use of to enhance the overall look of the auto. They have turned out to be a status symbol, a nonconformist way of separating one's self from the community. As the most well-liked rims in the … [Read more...]

Painted and color matched wheels


The addition of custom wheels to your vehicle can make an enormous improvement in appearance in a car, truck or SUV. Not only do they often give you better handling and drivability but they drastically alter the look of any automobile which is why automotive enthusiasts have been replacing their … [Read more...]

Car tuning


Our car is the most precious possession of ours. I know you take utmost care for it. But what will you do with the pot holes, speed bumps and rough roads. They are part of your every day driving. Your cars comes in contact with all these every day. That is the reason why you need to keep it well … [Read more...]

Black Custom Wheels


What's Hot in custom wheels? Wheel diameters keep getting bigger and bigger, SUV's in particular are now running 28 to 30 inches. Even Honda owners are asking for 19s these days. However, have you noticed all the Black Wheels that manufacturers are offering today? Have you noticed how many black … [Read more...]